Meditation and Relaxation

Many people say that "I haven't got the ability to meditate, my mind is too busy!".  This is a common theme and people are often surprised when they find out that just about everyone (until they learn some basic techniques) has the same "monkey mind" that wants to jump from one thing to another!

Guided relaxation and meditation is provided to help people find some inner quiet and to help people in their own meditation or spiritual journey.  

Guided relaxation and meditation can be provided online as well as face to face, so you don't even need to leave home!  No special equipment is needed.  

Consultation can also be provided over the phone if you have a particular query related to your practice. 

More information on meditation can be found here


Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian system of healing, the meaning of which can be translated as “to put right”.  A relatively modern version of this ancient practice is available both for helping clients and providing tuition in the use of the techniques for oneself, family and friends.  The approach can be used with other healing modalities and spiritual practices. This approach has become quite popular in recent years as it is relatively simple and can be practiced at any time.  

More information on Ho'oponopono can be found here


Reiki (meaning 'universal' or 'life' energy) is a healing technique which originated from Japan. It promotes relaxation and therefore is ideal for the reduction of stress.  Reiki can be used to compliment meditation and mindfulness practice and other types of 'energy work' such as Chi Kung, Tai Chi or yoga.  Reiki is taught in the lineage of Usui Reiki, the originator of the system. 


Reiki is compatible with all faiths and can be used in conjunction with any other medical treatment (it is often practised by complimentary therapists).  Reiki is becoming more widely offered in hospitals, clinics and in palliative care, such as in hospices.

Home visits are available, or you can visit Jim for a treatment.  Reiki treatments can be combined with guided relaxation and meditation.  Jim's approach is influenced by his study and personal practice of Chi Kung and Taoist/Buddhist arts.  

More information on Reiki can be found here



COVID19 UPDATE:  all services are currently being provided on-line only, and by a sliding-scale donation.  Please don't let cost get in the way if you are struggling due to the current situation. Get in touch for more info.