Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian system of healing, the meaning of which can be translated as “to put right”.  A relatively modern version of this ancient practice is available both for helping clients and providing tuition in the use of the techniques for oneself, family and friends.  The approach can be used with other healing modalities and spiritual practices. 

Ho’oponopono works on the basis that memories or impressions in our minds can lead to difficulties in our lives without us even being aware of them (i.e. they exist in what is called in modern times the “subconscious mind”).  Old patterns that run in the background subconscious mind often lead to suffering on an individual and collective level.  Ho’oponopono can help erase these unhelpful memories/tendencies by using an approach that includes the offering of unconditional love,  forgiveness and gratitude. 

The Ho’oponopono approach offered is in the lineage of Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len and  Dr Joe Vitale.